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Sansui, a globally recognized brand name and one of the World leaders in consumer electronics, was founded in 1944. Sansui started manufacturing transformers and subsequently, expanded into manufacturing Hi-Fi amplifiers and other electrical equipment. Historically, Sansui has been a technology leader in the electronic industry, with such firsts as: First Audio Transformer; First High Powered Tube-transistor Amplifier; First in the World with matrix "surround sound" in 1970; Stereo AM in 1976 and Digital Sound Processing in 1983, to mention but a few.

Sansui is now primarily engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of home audio/video products. Sansui audio / video products consist of an extensive range of Home Theater Systems, AV Receivers, Component Systems, DVD Players, Mini and Micro Systems, Portables, Discman, Portable MP3 Players, 5.1 Speaker Systems, and a range of Television products that also include LCD/Plasma and Rear Projection Televisions.
Sansui is committed to providing an integrated service to our customers, which consists of commitment to excellent product quality, up-to-date product design, competitive market pricing and constantly expanding its distribution networks for easy access of our products. With this integrated service as our company goal, we constantly strive to excel ourselves. Customers worldwide surely benefit from our services.
Sansui is committed to giving our customers the best products along with the best service.

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